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Mercado Ignacio Ramírez

Groceries, Watches, Footwear, Millinery, Clothing, Toys

Colegio , Col. Centro (Homobono Street)
Telephone: 15-4-4011

Paso a Paso

Shoe store

Telephone: (415) 154-87-07

San Miguel Shoe

We are online retailers of footwear, offer me a wide range of products.

Telephone: (415) 154-47-02


Offering designs for men, women and children.

Telephone: (415) 110-31-50

Vinatería la Estrellita

We offer everything in Wines and Spirits for their parties and events.

Telephone: (415) 152-37-12

La Cava del Rey


Telephone: (415) 152-15-63

Don Quijote

Extensive Assortment and Imported Wine Country, Ice Snacks and more.

Puente de Umarán # 5, Col. Centro
Telephone: (415) 152-37-48

La Europea

Main chain of stores specializing in the sale of wines and liquors and gourmet food in Mexico.

Canal 13, Col. Centro
Telephone: (415) 152-20-03

Super Carnicería Cervantes

Jardín de Zaragoza #26, Col. Centro
Telephone: 152-01-08 | Cellphone: 415-103-06-20

Super Carnicería "La Paloma"

Colegio #25, Col. Centro
Telephone: 152-14-84

Carnicería y salchichonería "La Lonja"

Mesones #33 , Col. Centro
Telephone: 152-04-71 | Cellphone: 415-109-76-61

Carnicería Allende

Offers daily: beef, pork, sausage, pork, butter etc.

Salida a Celaya 6-A, Col. Salida a Celaya
Telephone: 152-46-88

Super Todo

We offer a wide variety of groceries, Vegetables, Dairy, Meats, Specialty Products and Wine.

Terraplén #14, Col. Centro
Telephone: (415)152-36-91

Frutería el Jairo

Frutería el Jairo it offers all sorts of Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries and Seeds.

Francisco LanzaGorta. #19, Col. Fracc.Insurgentes
Telephone: (044)415-115-98-00

Zapatería Flexi

Shoe flexi welcomes you to discover our wide range of shoes.

Colejio #17, Col. Centro
Telephone: 152-09-83

Frutería Gil

Frutería Gil offers groceries, meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables thinly.

Julián Carrillo #2b, Col. Guadalupe
Telephone: 154-91-35

Auto Super la Lola

Auto Super la lola offers a wide choice in groceries, beer, Cigars and others.

Calzada de la Estación #1a, Col. La Estación
Telephone: 150-72-60 | Cellphone: (044) 415-105-73-69

Zapatería Paty

Sale shoes for the whole family at low prices.

Mercado Ignacio Ramirez Local # 25 y 26, Col. Centro
Telephone: 152-65-11